AWWA Butterfly Valves with ebonite lining for Sea water intake in Power Plant applications – 1600mm
Three-way Butterfly Valve with linkage arm
Manual Butterfly Valve with limit switch feedback (tamper switch)
PFA Lined Valves – Size 14 inches
Jacketed Ball Valves
Extended Stem Butterfly valves for water supply in pumping station application
Specially designed high performance butterfly valve suitable for sustaining back pressure in flow control applications
Specially designed Stainless Steel lever for butterfly valve operation in Pharmaceutical and Food industry
Aluminium-Bronze gearbox with Aluminium Bronze disc butterfly valves
Chain-pulley operated butterfly valves
High Pressure butterfly valves 700mm PN25
Overhauling of manual butterfly valves with electric actuator operation
Metal seated butterfly valves with replaceable seal design
Duplex valves for drinking water applications