Triple-offset Butterfly Valves

Triple-offset Butterfly Valves

Triple Offset Butturfly valve

4Matic triple eccentric butterfly valves are suitable for both throtting and positive isolation applications. These valves are capable of bi-directional flow control, zero leakage, low fugitive emissions and stream-based applications (up to 550.c)

Due to the triple offset sealing system, the disc moves smoothly and free of friction at all points along the specially designed body seat & disc seal.

When the disc is closed, the seal ring (on the disc) energises the seat (on the body) there by proving a snug - tight high - performance fit.

The laminar seal is constructed with grafoil layers sandwiched between metal laminations. This resiliency of the seal flexes and energizes according to the compressive forces generated and allows for minor body deformations due to temprature fluctuations without the risk of jamming. This provides a uniform wedding effect and ensures bubble tight shut-off.

General information

Size Range : 2" to 12"


Design And Manufacturer API 609 category A / IS : 13095 / BS EN 593
Valve Face To Face Dimension Short Wafer As Per ISO 5752 TAB 5 / API 609 Category A ISO 5752 TAB 1 (BS 5155)
Flange Standard Conformity ASME B16.5 / 16.47 Series A Class 150, BS 10 TAB D, E & F
Inspection & Testing API 598 / BS EN 12266 - 1

Product Versions

Triple Offset butturfly valve

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve with Electric Actuator

  • Single Phase and Three Phase Applications
  • On-Off and Modulating Duty Control
Pneumatic butturfly valve

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve with Pneumatic Actuator

  • Double Acting and Single Acting Actuators
  • On-Off and Proportionate Control